Audit SMK3 Rolimex Surabaya Predikat Gold

Dec 8, 2023
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SMK3 Audit Rolimex Surabaya

SMK3 audit held from December 6 - 8, 2023

Congratulations and Success to PT Rolimex Kimia Nusamas on obtaining SMK3 certification with the title of GOLD.

"SMK3 Audit has been carried out with an Advanced audit level of 166 criteria with an implementation achievement level of 90.36% (Satisfactory Implementation) carried out by PT Surveyor Indonesia."

The audit was closed with a sentence from the CEO: Congratulations on obtaining SMK3 Gold for Rolimex Surabaya, 

"this is the first milestone of continuous improvement at PT Rolimex Kimia Nusamas".

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Audit SMK3 Rolimex Surabaya Predikat Gold
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