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DxP Dami Mas Oil Palm Seeds

PT Dami Mas Sejahtera - Dami Mas Seed Estate is a major producer of oil palm seeds. Established in 1997, Dami Mas has been continuously supplying high quality oil palm (Elaeis guineesis Jacq) seeds to the palm oil industry. Dami Mas seed is produced from the crossing of selected Deli Dura palms and second generation Pisifera BM 119 AVROS palms. After a strict breeding selection, twenty Dura and five Pisifera palms that meet the selection criteria of PT. Smart Tbk. Indonesia, are chosen. 

As a main producer od oilo palm seeds, Dami Mas Seed Estate shows our commitment to development by releasing five of Dami Mas varieties as superior seed (No.138/KPTS/TP.240/2/2003) on 14th February 2003, which was approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Indonesia. These varieties are the result of extensive breeding and have passed long term progeny testing, which highlight the superiority of Dami Mas seed.

Dami Mas Seed Quality

Dami Mas Seed Garden implemented ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System in Oil Palm Seed Production in 2004. Research and Development of conventional and molecular breeding (Marker Assisted Selection) ensures maximum seed quality and suitability. The research was supported by collaboration of the plant breeders with scientists from Plant Production and Biotechnology Devision and SMART Research Institute to develop palms with high yields and improved agronomic performance.

PT Dami Mas Sejahtera has developed and implemented a comprehensive system of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to monitor the quality of flower isolation, pollination, germination and  seed dispatch.

The high level security, traceability and genetic purity of Dami Mas seed are ensured by implementing the Barcoding System in 2005 and Seed Printing System in 2009.

Dami Mas Seeds

Dami Mas Seeds are renown for their prformance:

• Earlier fruit production, initial harvest at 24 months after planting with a yield of 8-10 tonnes FFB/hectare.

• Yield at 3-8 years average of 26 tonnes FFB/hectare, and 36 tonnes FFB/hectare in good conditions.

• Total Annual oil production of >9 tonnes/hectare.

• Oil extraction rate of >25%

• Kernel oil extraction rate of >6%

• Adaptable to many types of environments.

• Dura contamination in the field <0.1%

• Low levels of chimera and crown diseases in the nursery and field

• Planting density of 136 palms/hectare ensures maximum production.

• Coated by microorganism to maximize growth (nutrition absorption) and disease protection.

Biotechnology Support for Best Quality

Application of Genetic Marker technology in plant breeding programs, especially in the Elite Parental Palm selection, increases the production potential of Dami Mas seed. 

This improved genetic potential is combined with agronomic expertise and conventional breeding to maximize the yield of Demi Mas seed.

Dami Mas Customer Satisfaction

Dami Mas is always committed to:

1. Customer service and satisfaction

2. Continuous research and development Dami Mas provides customers with an effective and efficient after sales nursery service to ensure the achievement of the yield potential of Dami Mas seed. Therefore, we provide 5% bonus for every purchased.

Choose Superior Plant Seeds

Impact of using illegitimate plant materials: 

1. Slow to bear fruit 

2. Low Productivity 

3. Ineffective land maintenance costs 

4. Not liked by PKS (Petani Kelapa Sawit), because of the thick shell and low CPO yield 

5. Cheap garden selling price

High Quality Palm Seeds

DxP Dami Mas advantages

1. Palm Oil Seed Producer under Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food 

2. Supported by 2 Research Centers: SMART Research Institute and SMART Plant Production and Biotechnology with more than 100 researchers


Packaging DxP Dami Mas:

- Printing at Seed

- Packaging Plastic @200 pcs

- 1 box = 18 packaging plastic

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