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PT Rolimex Kimia Nusamas manufactures high-quality chemical products for a wide range of agricultural industry uses. Our products include various fertilizer formulations and pesticides for controlling specific pests.


PT Rolimex Kimia Nusamas is the proud brand owner and list holder of various pesticide products made by reputable global pesticide producers. Our respected customers range from major...
Rollup 480 SL
Rolifos 150 SL
Rolixone 276 SL
Erkafuron 20 WG
Weedrol 866 SL


Insecticides are chemicals used to control insects by killing them or preventing them from engaging in undesirable or destructive behaviors. They are classified based on their structure and...
Roltap 450 SL
Erkatrin 100 EC
Costar HP 16000
Starbud-Plus 575 EC


Fungicides are agents that are used to prevent or eradicate fungal infections from plants or seeds.
Everoll 76 WP
Tiflo 80 WP
Enkazeb 80 WP


Rodenticides or "rat poisons" are mixed compounds used to eradicate rodents. They are one of the most toxic agents commonly found in households. Historically, heavy metals such as...
Rolikum 0,0005 BB


Fertilizers are food for plants, they provide nutrients for plants to grow and thrive.
Rock Phospate for Agriculture
Kieserite Granule
Kieserite Powder Form
Diamonium Phospate
MOP / KCL (Potassium Chloride)
Root Enhancer (Mycorrhiza)
Name Active Ingredients Product Type
CIRP Ikan Paus Rock Phosphate for Agriculture
CIRP Premium Ikan Paus Rock Phosphate for Agriculture
RP Ekofos Rock Phosphate for Agriculture
Kieserite Granule Cap Pacul Kieserite Granule
Kieserite Powder Cap Pacul Kieserite Powder
DAP Cap Pacul Diammonium Phosphate
MOP/KCl Anjing Laut MOP/KCL (Potassium Chloride)
Rhizagold Plus Root Enhancer (Mikoriza)
Rollup 480 SL Isopropilamina glifosat 480 g/l Herbicide
Rolixone 276 SL Herbicide
Rolifos 150 SL Herbicide
Starbud-Plus 575 EC Insecticide
Erkabas 500 EC Insecticide
Everoll 76 WP Fungicide
Enkazeb 80 WP Fungicide
Thuricide HP Biological Insecticide
Delfin WG Biological Insecticide
Rolikum 0.0005 BB Rodenticide
Erkatril 0.0375 BB Rodenticide
Weedrol 866 SL Herbicide
Ekaren 290 EC Herbicide
Ekaren 480 EC Herbicide
Rolizapyr 75 WG Herbicide
Erkatrin 100 EC Insecticide
Erkatrin 30 EC Insecticide
Rolidor 25 EC Insecticide
Roliclon 500 EC Insecticide
Roltap 450 SL Insecticide
Tiflo 80 WG Fungicide
Tiflo 80 WP Fungicide
Erkafuron 20 WG Metil Metsulfuron 20% Herbiside

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